The Fight for Life Concert Series is inspired by Dr. Joan L. Kidd.

Joan was a respected and loved physician who had a loving husband and a rewarding and happy life. She was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer in 2012. She underwent de-bulking surgery and chemotherapy. She was a two-time Ovarian Cancer survivor. Unfortunately, it came back.


Joan survived and continued to enjoy life one year to 18 months longer than she or her doctors expected. The difference was her husband Tom, as her caregiver, fighting with her every step of the journey in getting her the care and procedures she desperately needed. Not only did she survive longer, she survived with an acceptable quality of life until near the end. Joan traveled the world, attended her surprise birthday party with 275 family, friends, patients and colleagues attending, was present for a dedication ceremony at her office naming the Adult Medicine Department in her name, and playing golf, which she loved to do with her husband and her friends. Her husband was able to engage in the battle with her because of resources available to him and he was not intimidated by the medical system, which can be overwhelming at times.


Joan, as a physician, made a difference in the lives of many patients and their families she treated over her lifetime. Now she is the inspiration for the Fight for Life Concert Series, which is providing concert fundraisers to cancer non-profits and cancer support organizations, which will result in a significant difference in the lives of cancer patients and caregivers of loved ones for many years to come.

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