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Why offer supporters rewards programs through Cancer Alliance Partners?

Cancer Alliance Partners Donor Reward Programs provide cancer nonprofit and support organizations like yours the ability to attract new supporters, add value to help retain supporters, say thank you to your valued donors, and deliver important cancer patient and caregiver resources with your own private label programs and resources which are branded under your organization’s name and website

What does your organization have to gain by partnering with Cancer Alliance Partners?

Organizations like yours partnering with Cancer Alliance Partners have nothing to lose and everything to gain! We fund the costs of establishing the Donor Rewards Programs. There is never a setup fee or monthly maintenance fee. Cancer Alliance Partners provides the Donor Rewards Programs under a white label with your brand. Cancer Alliance Partners is the hybrid for your cancer nonprofit, generating donor funds while delivering substantial value to the supporter on behalf of your organization. All fundraising will be made via the organization’s website through Cancer Alliance Partners white label service. A donation for a majority of the pledged denomination will be made to you from Cancer Alliance Partners.

How does my organization receive donations?

When a donation is made, it will be processed through the your website by Cancer Alliance Partners. Your organization will then receive the majority of the pledged amount in the form of a remittance from Cancer Alliance Partners.

I’m ready to get started. How do I apply to partner with Cancer Alliance Partners?

To learn more about our programs and partnering with Cancer Alliance Partners, please complete the application form and we will respond in a timely manner.

How long will it take from when we partner to when my nonprofit can start using the rewards and programs?

After speaking with a Cancer Alliance Partners representative and determining your nonprofit's eligibility, our web development and back-end staff will begin branding your personalized pages, typically within a few days. Once your site is branded, white label website pages have been constructed and are live to the web, you will be able to offer immediate savings and value to your supporters and also begin fundraising for your organization, usually with a few short weeks. Cancer Alliance Partners will work with you, before and after launch, to maximize the result of your campaigns. Contact one of our representatives to get started with the process or with additional timeline questions.

What does it cost for my organization to implement the programs?

The best part of joining forces with Cancer Alliance Partners is that there are NO start-up costs, monthly maintenance fees or annual donation minimums to meet! We will provide your nonprofit with everything you need to get started including our set-up of private labeled content and site maintenance services, back end office staff, branded and customized customer service support and all of the upkeep necessary to maintain your loyalty programs. In a nutshell, we fund all of the costs associated with the setup and usage of our programs as your own. All donations are processed through Cancer Alliance Partners on your organizations secure customized donation or fundraising page and Cancer Alliance Partners remits the major portion of the proceeds directly to your organization. A small percentage of the donation is used by Cancer Alliance Partners to provide and maintain these services. Partnering with us, you will NEVER have to worry about hidden fees or costs...our share is discussed and agreed upon upfront!

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