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The Fight for Life Continuum Partners with StoreMyTumor in Creating the Personalized Cancer Care Initiative (PCCI)

Orlando, FL - The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum announced today the creation of the Personalized Cancer Care Initiative (PCCI) in partnership with StoreMyTumor. The PCCI was formed in order to empower cancer patients to “own” their cancer care, and to raise awareness concerning the importance of personalized treatments and educating patients about the critical role of the patient’s own tumor for personalizing treatment options. The PCCI will be driven by current knowledgeable and experienced cancer survivors (Patient Advocates) that have experienced the limitations of the standard of care at first hand, have learned that there are no silver bullets to curing cancer, and that to stay ahead, every option matters. The Patient Advocates main mission is to raise awareness and ensure that all patients have the most comprehensive information about personalized treatments and advanced diagnostics available, to make the best decisions for them and their families. 

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Awareness Cup

The Joan L. Kidd MD Awareness Cup has been adopted by the World Senior Golf Federation and will hereafter be presented at the annual Awards Gala of the World Senior Golf Championships each year as the Joan L Kidd MD Goodwill Cup. The World Senior Golf Federation is an international golf competition among 28 member nations, which has been conducted annually for the last six decades. Joan participated in the competition and joined in fellowship with other competitors from around the world. We at the Continuum are humbled and pleased that the World Senior Golf Federation has chosen to honor her in this way.

For more information on World Senior Golf Federation: worldseniorgolf.com

"Great job everyone, on exceeding our fundraising goal on the Joan Kidd MD Ovarian Cancer Awareness Cup Golf Marathon last month and presentation to Florida Hospital Cancer Institute-The first of many events in the coming years! Sorry I was unable to be present for the presentation, but Joan and I were there with you in spirit!" --Tom Kidd

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

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Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

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Launch Event

An Evening of Hope

The launch event of the Continuum was held recently at the Orlando Museum of Art with a large turnout. After a brief reception, the evening program included a presentation of the Mission of the Continuum, followed by a one time, live recorded concert by the Beautiful Music Orchestra with Voices, performing some of Dr. Joan Kidd’s favorite music. Members who support the work of the Continuum receive significant benefits in the form of a national merchant discount program.