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Angle, a UK-based biotech, is developing a non-invasive liquid biopsy that could be better than current diagnostic methods at predicting ovarian cancer.

Angle, a company specializing in liquid biopsies, has shown that its Pelvic Mass Triage (PMT) liquid biopsy test can differentiate between benign and cancerous pelvic masses and ovarian cysts in 95% of cases in a 200-patient trial. The technology could offer a more accurate means of distinguishing between benign and malignant growths before a biopsy is taken or a patient undergoes surgery.

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First Treatment Approved for Breast Cancer with BRCA Genetic Mutation

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday cleared the first treatment for patients with advanced breast cancer caused by BRCA mutations, which are genetic defects that raise the risk of malignancies.

The drug, called Lynparza, already is approved for certain patients with advanced ovarian cancer associated with the same mutations. Richard Pazdur, director of the FDA’s Oncology Center of Excellence, said in a statement that expanding the approval to breast-cancer patients “demonstrates the current paradigm of developing drugs that target the underlying genetic causes of a cancer, often across cancer types.”


Mom of Three Dies After Doctors Said She Was ‘Too young to Have Bowel Cancer’

Kathy Narrier is on a mission to help young people better understand the risk of liver and bowel cancer after her 34-year-old daughter passed away earlier this year.

In 2015, Nicole Yarran, from western Australia, had been feeling unwell for months — she was losing weight, feeling bloated, constipated and discovered blood in her stool.

“She had raised her concerns with her GP and was simply told that she was ‘too young for bowel cancer,’ and was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),” Narrier told Unilad. Nicole was only 32 at the time, and she spoke with another doctor at the practice for confirmation.


Joan Kidd MD Ovarian Cancer Awareness Cup and Golf Marathon Join Forces to Benefit Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

Olympic Gold Medalist & Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shannon Miller as Keynote Speaker at the Gala 

Orlando, Florida, March 17, 2016…..The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum announced today that the Joan L. Kidd MD Ovarian Cancer Awareness Cup has joined forces with Golf Marathon and Professional Golf Events for the event to become the Joan Kidd MD Ovarian Cancer Awareness Cup Marathon effective immediately. The event format is where golfers will play as many holes as possible in a single day of golf on Wednesday April 19, 2017 at The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes. Sponsors and supporters will form a team and will pledge a donation for each hole for their player, with net proceeds benefitting Florida Hospital Cancer Institute for the purchase of 100 wigs and to fund ovarian cancer research.


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The Fight for Life Continuum Partners with StoreMyTumor in Creating the Personalized Cancer Care Initiative (PCCI)

Orlando, FL - The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum announced today the creation of the Personalized Cancer Care Initiative (PCCI) in partnership with StoreMyTumor. The PCCI was formed in order to empower cancer patients to “own” their cancer care, and to raise awareness concerning the importance of personalized treatments and educating patients about the critical role of the patient’s own tumor for personalizing treatment options. The PCCI will be driven by current knowledgeable and experienced cancer survivors (Patient Advocates) that have experienced the limitations of the standard of care at first hand, have learned that there are no silver bullets to curing cancer, and that to stay ahead, every option matters. The Patient Advocates main mission is to raise awareness and ensure that all patients have the most comprehensive information about personalized treatments and advanced diagnostics available, to make the best decisions for them and their families. 

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Personal Clinical Trial Navigator

We want every Cancer patient to be aware of all treatment options. The Continuum provides a way for you to take action – a free, unbiased, confidential, personalized service that helps patients understand which clinical trials may be an option for them.

Clinical Trials are research studies that test how well new medical approaches work in people with early stage or advanced cancers. They have a natural place in the patient’s care as doctors strive to improve current treatments and search for new and better ones. 

How does this service work?  Our personal Clinical Trial Navigators help patients quickly search for clinical trials that match each patient’s specific diagnosis and treatment history. We recommend that each patient search for clinical trial options before starting the first treatment and again at any time when the patient is faced with a new treatment decision. Our service helps Cancer patients stay informed about all their choices. We never want to hear someone say: “I wish I had known about that option earlier”. The service is free, unbiased, and completely confidential!


Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum, LLC Announces Ovarcome as Partner Member

Orlando, Florida, November 28, 2016…..The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum announced today that Ovarcome Non Profit, Inc. of Houston, Texas has become a Partner Member of the Continuum. Under the terms of the agreement, services of the Continuum will be available to supporters and friends of Ovarcome and Ovarcome will derive additional funding for Ovarcome programs through the Continuum’s member program. The partnership between the Continuum and Ovarcome will be rolled out for launch on January 2, 2017.

Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum, LLC Announces Partnership with StoreMyTumor

Orlando, Florida, September 6, 2016…..The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum announced today that StoreMyTumor has partnered with the Continuum to provide tumor tissue storage services and education for clients and patients of the Continuum. Under the terms of the agreement, StoreMyTumor will provide tumor tissue storage services at no charge to patients and members of the Continuum for the first year, after their initial processing and kit fee. The partnership between the Continuum and StoreMyTumor is effective immediately.

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Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum, LLC Announces Olympic Gold Medalist & Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shannon Miller as Brand Ambassador

The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum announced today that Shannon Miller, America’s most decorated Olympic gymnast with 7 Olympic medals including two gold, has partnered with the Continuum to serve as the Continuum’s Brand Ambassador. The partnership between the Continuum and the gymnastics legend is effective immediately.

Speaking from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Shannon stated, “When an individual and their family are facing a cancer diagnosis, credible resources, support and most of all hope are critical. The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum offers each of these and more. I am honored to be their Brand Ambassador and to continue my role in offering awareness and hope to the courageous men and women who face cancer head on. This support is truly necessary for both the cancer patient and their caregivers.”

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Hard to Treat Pancreatic Cancer Responds to Immunotherapy

Pancreatic cancer is one of the more difficult forms of cancer to diagnose, resulting in a low survival rate. A recent study found that immunotherapy for cancer holds great promise for more effective treatment.

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35 deaths linked to scope infections after Olympus told Executives not to warn hospitals

Don't tell — unless they ask.

Thirty-five people died in the United States after contracting infections from contaminated medical scopes made by Olympus Corp. in the years after a company official told American executives not to issue widespread warnings to U.S. hospitals "about potentially deadly infections from tainted medical scopes," a new report says.

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More than 60 percent of Ovarian Cancer patients do not receive recommended treatment, study shows

LOS ANGELES (March 11, 2013)–Women are 30 percent less likely to die of ovarian cancer if they have guideline-recommended treatment, yet nearly two-thirds of those with the disease do not receive it, often because they are cared for at hospitals that treat a small number of ovarian cancer patients. These are the findings of a study of more than 13,000 patients being presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in Los Angeles, March 9-12.

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Sean Parker sets up $250 million cancer immunotherapy collaboration

By Deena Beasley

(Reuters) - A $250 million grant from Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker, announced on Wednesday, aims to speed development of more effective cancer treatments by fostering collaboration among leading researchers in the field.

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The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum, LLC Launch Date Announced

Launch Date Announced at Orlando Museum of Art

The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum, LLC is pleased to announce that the official launch will be Friday, July 1, 2016. The launch event will be held at the Orlando Museum of Art from 6:30 pm to 9 pm The project was inspired by Dr. Joan L. Kidd and her experience together with her husband in their battle with Ovarian Cancer. This project will address the significant issues of the lapse of care in battling terminal illness and its complications, with the first focus being on Ovarian and other related Gynecologic cancers. The goal of the Continuum is to insure that the lives of women battling ovarian cancer may be extended with a quality of life acceptable to each individual patient, and that all options for treatment are made available. In the future, the Continuum will turn its attention to other life threatening cancers.

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Immunotherapy drug sustains father of 5 living with stage 4 bladder cancer

By Melinda Carstensen


Kevin Williamson has coached every one of his five children’s basketball teams, but in recent years, stage 4 bladder cancer has forced him to sit on the sidelines. Now, he’s back on the court— coaching his only daughter’s team— thanks in large part to an immunotherapy drug that has shrunk his tumors and stopped them from spreading further.

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Awareness Cup

The Joan L. Kidd MD Awareness Cup has been adopted by the World Senior Golf Federation and will hereafter be presented at the annual Awards Gala of the World Senior Golf Championships each year as the Joan L Kidd MD Goodwill Cup. The World Senior Golf Federation is an international golf competition among 28 member nations, which has been conducted annually for the last six decades. Joan participated in the competition and joined in fellowship with other competitors from around the world. We at the Continuum are humbled and pleased that the World Senior Golf Federation has chosen to honor her in this way.

For more information on World Senior Golf Federation: worldseniorgolf.com

"Great job everyone, on exceeding our fundraising goal on the Joan Kidd MD Ovarian Cancer Awareness Cup Golf Marathon last month and presentation to Florida Hospital Cancer Institute-The first of many events in the coming years! Sorry I was unable to be present for the presentation, but Joan and I were there with you in spirit!" --Tom Kidd

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

Shannon Miller Hospital Visit Gallery

Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

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Launch Event

An Evening of Hope

The launch event of the Continuum was held recently at the Orlando Museum of Art with a large turnout. After a brief reception, the evening program included a presentation of the Mission of the Continuum, followed by a one time, live recorded concert by the Beautiful Music Orchestra with Voices, performing some of Dr. Joan Kidd’s favorite music. Members who support the work of the Continuum receive significant benefits in the form of a national merchant discount program.