The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum
The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum The Joan L. Kidd Fight for Life Continuum Free Clinical Trial Navigator Services

Personal Clinical Trial Navigator

We want every Cancer patient to be aware of all treatment options. The Continuum provides a way for members to take action – an unbiased, confidential, personalized service that helps patients understand which clinical trials may be an option for them.

How does this service work?  Our personal Clinical Trial Navigators help patients quickly search for clinical trials that match each patient’s specific diagnosis and treatment history. We recommend that each patient search for clinical trial options before starting the first treatment and again at any time when the patient is faced with a new treatment decision. Our service helps Cancer patients stay informed about all their choices. We never want to hear someone say: “I wish I had known about that option earlier”. The service is a benefit to caregivers and cancer patients who are Continuum members, unbiased, and completely confidential!

Get started today finding the clinical trials you qualify for and then call our navigators to assist you with the process of getting into the clinical trial you desire. Let us help you through every part of the maze and reduce your stress and anxiety. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Joan L. Kidd, MD Fight for Life Continuum is to maximize the quality of healthcare by empowering patients and caregivers with comprehensive information and resources while saving money at the same time. Members of the Continuum receive the following benefits:

  • Access to real time comprehensive information on cancer and many general medical topics in a Resources Portal
  • Personal clinical trials navigator service to match patients with available clinical trials through a search engine and personal one on one guidance.
  • Significant support tools and counseling services for caregivers
  • Patient Advocates personal consultation and assistance.
  • Second Opinions on Medical Care
  • Discounts on certain medical services with Continuum Alliance Partners
  • Discounts at tens of thousands of name brand merchants across the country for Continuum members to save thousands of dollars on living costs.
  • Financial assistance for travel costs to participate in clinical trials.

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Physicians for second opinions Trained at Institutions such as

NYULangone Columbia University Medical Center Einstein Healthcare Network Universiry of Pennsylvania Jefferson Univeristy Hospitals Duke Univeristy School of Medicine John Hopkins Univeristy Hospitals School of Medicine Stanford Medicine

Awareness Cup Golf Marathon 

“Through his personal journey with his wife Joan in All The Way, Tom found purpose and inspiration to help those who face a cancer diagnosis. You will be inspired.” – Shannon Miller Olympic Gold Medalist, Ovarian Cancer Survivor, and Author of It’s Not About Perfect: Competing for My Country and Fighting for My Life

All proceeds from the sale of the book is donated to Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble soon or contact us at for a copy.


Our Ambassador

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller, America’s most decorated Olympic gymnast with 7 Olympic medals including two gold, has partnered with the Continuum to serve as the Continuum’s Brand Ambassador.  Speaking from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Shannon stated, “When an individual and their family are facing a cancer diagnosis, credible resources, support and most of all hope are critical. The Joan L. Kidd MD Fight for Life Continuum offers each of these and more. I am honored to be their Brand Ambassador and to continue my role in offering awareness and hope to the courageous men and women who face cancer head on. This support is truly necessary for both the cancer patient and their caregivers.”